Sunday, April 10

Long-distance relationships

Long-distance relationships provide a separate fear for most people who live it. For some cases there are also couples who feel there is no problem, in which both parties have a high sense of confidence and certainly trustworthy. However, there are also people who argue that the long-distance relationship will make the relationship better. In doing so, they argued that the premises long distance relationship will relieve boredom for each pair.

Many factors affect the loyalty of someone in a relationship long distance. Every person has a prescription for strengthening each of their loyalty. Unlike many people say, the most important in a relationship, especially long-distance relationship, not only with love or affection, but of course can trust and be trusted.

There will be many people who take advantage of your long distance relationship. When they know that you're lonely and they feel you need "someone", they will try to approach you and affect you that your partner is not suitable for you, but he is the right plan for you. so be careful in making friends.

Many occur in women, some men will approach, and persuade you to become friends with many ways of course. However, not all men have the intention of "evil" as some men do. You certainly can judge which one intends to "evil" or not.

It is important for those of you who do long-distance relationship to keep doing the activity, which has been working stay focused work, the school still remains the focus of school. Do not let yourself get a chance to daydream.

Do not be too strict in monitoring your spouse that much there, it will cause saturation of your partner and your partner will feel that you restrict the motion. Keep in hubangan with your good friends, it will have a positive impact in the thinking and acting.

Before you decide to long-distance relationship, make a definite commitment and you set how you will communicate with your partner when it happened a long distance relationship. Not a few are also problems that occur because of substandard communication. But communication also must be set so as not to make the relationship seem "bland". In some cases there is also an experience, they get bored with the only communication through mobile phones, not bored in a relationship, but bored with how.


  1. well i started out with ldr's, and i'm proud to say that i am very happily married.
    to add to this great blog. depending on how much you share you love with your partner, a marriage shouldn't ever be entered into immediately, and in ldr's the time you have waiting for each other make you know your partner even better, a marriage after that is like a scientist finally solving a decades' long problem. i must admit that it would have been so good for me if not for cheap international calls from mobile to mobile as i had financial problems for a significant period in my relationship.
    always keep a positive attitude, it one way i got through the hard time and don't forget to respect each others needs

  2. @Bradly Jones
    thank you for visiting my blog, and thanks for sharing your experiences

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