Saturday, January 17

Earn Up To $10/day Using WHAFF android app

Here's a guide how to get a dollar from the whaff Rewards:

1. Please go to PLAY STORE and find applications whaff Rewards (14 mb), then INSTALL ...

2. After you install it, please log in to wear your FB(Facebook) account (see article LOG IN small top). Later, after logging in, you'll be asked to connect with your FB app. Follow the guidelines and click OK / NEXT ...

3. This will bring up a page to enter a code, please enter the CODE "AQ92052" to get your
first $ 0.30 BONUS.

4. Getting more balance whiff Rewards dollars, please do all TASK / tasks assigned. Perform command, download apps and play a few minutes (the result is greater), guess the picture, like, review, play and many others. Just follow the instructions listed ...

5. Once the balance reaches a minimum of $ 10, you can pull it through another atao PAYPAL (Gift Cards)

6. How to withdrawal (Withdrawal of whiff Rewards): Please click on the BROWSE menu (top left), select the menu EXCHANGE and select method of payment. On this page you can also use the INVITE FRIENDS INVITE CODE through the menu to get an additional $ 0.30 every time there are people who register through your CODE.

Wednesday, November 16

Stages in the Production Films

How does the process of making the film? These are the stages of manufacture:


Before making the film's story, we must specify the purpose of making films. Just as entertainment, lifting phenomenon, learning / education, documentary, or convey a certain moral message. It is very necessary in order that the film is more focused, targeted and appropriate. If the objectives have been determined then all the details of the story and filming will look and easier. If you need to hold the observation and collection of data and facts. Able to read a book, article, or to ask the source.The idea of ​​the film can be obtained from various sources, among others:

Tuesday, November 15


What is the Story board?
Storyboard is a column of text, audio and visualization with information about the content and visuals that are used for the production of a course. Storyboard can be different degrees as there are various stages that must be passed to the purpose of making the story board. Storyboard is a concept of communication and creative expression, techniques and media to convey messages and ideas visually, including audio by processing a form of graphic design elements and images, fonts and colors, and layout, so the message and ideas can be accepted by the target. Storyboard is also not limited to making the ad only because the production of games, multimedia cd and elearningpun using story board.

What should be considered in writing the storyboard?

Monday, May 23

Garuda OS : Sistem Operasi Lokal Indonesia

Selama puluhan tahun, Indonesia sudah sangat terikat dan tergantung pada software bajakan. Kemandirian (TI) Indonesia tidak akan pernah terwujud selama kita tidak berani bangkit untuk melakukan perubahan. Agar bisa mandiri, kita harus mulai berani untuk melepaskan diri dari belenggu software bajakan dan beralih ke software legal dari pengembang lokal, seperti GARUDA.
Hari Kebangkitan Nasional 2011 ini merupakan saat yang tepat untuk kita mulai belajar mandiri dan bangkit – khususnya di bidang TI – dengan mulai beralih dari menggunakan sistem operasi bajakan ke GARUDA.
Apa yang bisa kita lakukan untuk menuju kemandirian (TI) Indonesia ???

Thursday, May 19

Mencari Bilangan Prima dengan C++

Assallamu'alaikum wr wb

Dalam matematika, bilangan prima adalah bilangan asli yang lebih besar dari 1, yang faktor pembaginya adalah 1 dan bilangan itu sendiri. 2 dan 3 adalah bilangan prima. 4 bukan bilangan prima karena 4 bisa dibagi 2. Sepuluh bilangan prima yang pertama adalah 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23 dan 29.Jika suatu bilangan yang lebih besar dari satu bukan bilangan prima, maka bilangan itu disebut bilangan komposit. Cara paling sederhana untuk menentukan bilangan prima yang lebih kecil dari bilangan tertentu adalah dengan menggunakan saringan Eratosthenes (wikipedia).

Disini saya akan berbagi untuk menghitung / menampilkan bilangan primatanpa menggunakan saringan Eratosthenes tapi berdasarkan dari inputan awal dan inputan akhir. Maksudnya kita menentukan batas awal dan akhir dari suatu bilangan, dan outputnya bilangan prima di antara batas-batas tersebut. Berikut source code Mencari Bilangan Prima dengan C++ nya :