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What is the Story board?
Storyboard is a column of text, audio and visualization with information about the content and visuals that are used for the production of a course. Storyboard can be different degrees as there are various stages that must be passed to the purpose of making the story board. Storyboard is a concept of communication and creative expression, techniques and media to convey messages and ideas visually, including audio by processing a form of graphic design elements and images, fonts and colors, and layout, so the message and ideas can be accepted by the target. Storyboard is also not limited to making the ad only because the production of games, multimedia cd and elearningpun using story board.

What should be considered in writing the storyboard?
Principles of writing a storyboard
Visual messages have to be creative (original, supple and smooth), communicative, efficient and effective, as well as beautiful / aesthetic
Concepts, Strategies and Graphic Design Process

CONCEPT 5 W + 1 H = 'What, Why, Who, Which, Where, How.'
1. Instructional material and what message will be delivered
2. What are the types and scope of learning materials
3. What are the advantages and how to bring the concept of
5. To whom the material was intended.
6. How to approach the audience
7. What learning opportunities and targets of the
8. What is needed to explore the potential audience
9. Habits, patterns and ways of learning communities
10. Communication and creative approach to what is appropriate for that

Strategies are needed in order to convey the message effectively and efficiently.
Method which is used as follows:
1. Designing a Communication Strategy
2. Develop Creative Strategies

Design process always begins with research that is:
1. Scanning, data collecting / gathering data, as the base material for were analyzed. Data in the form of data written (verbal), and image data (visual), or data such as voice (audio), palpable data (form 3-dimensional) and the aroma or flavor (Soy sauce).

2. Formulation, the basic data were analyzed for the process of sorting, grouping (Classification), and then formulated. The results of these formulas is a compilation of materials:
a. General concepts, more emphasis on the concept of communication
b. Creative concepts, more emphasis on creative concepts.

3. Implementation
Is the visual embodiment (visualization) into creative media that have been selected based on compatibility with the vision, mission, purpose, objectives, targets the message to be efficient, effective, communicative as well as beauty. In this implementation process needed strategies and thinking processes of media production and application of the media and distribution, and installation in the proper location (strategic).

4. Usually done pretest (trial before you write storyboards
poured in the form of visual and audio.
A good storyboard design concepts are:
The concept is able to provide answers / solutions to problems that exist in accordance with the needs of SME / audience. It uses research, experimentation, critique, and analysis. In terms of visuals and copywriting approach is able to attract audiences to see, understand and then take action that is expected in truth.

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