Saturday, January 17

Earn Up To $10/day Using WHAFF android app

Here's a guide how to get a dollar from the whaff Rewards:

1. Please go to PLAY STORE and find applications whaff Rewards (14 mb), then INSTALL ...

2. After you install it, please log in to wear your FB(Facebook) account (see article LOG IN small top). Later, after logging in, you'll be asked to connect with your FB app. Follow the guidelines and click OK / NEXT ...

3. This will bring up a page to enter a code, please enter the CODE "AQ92052" to get your
first $ 0.30 BONUS.

4. Getting more balance whiff Rewards dollars, please do all TASK / tasks assigned. Perform command, download apps and play a few minutes (the result is greater), guess the picture, like, review, play and many others. Just follow the instructions listed ...

5. Once the balance reaches a minimum of $ 10, you can pull it through another atao PAYPAL (Gift Cards)

6. How to withdrawal (Withdrawal of whiff Rewards): Please click on the BROWSE menu (top left), select the menu EXCHANGE and select method of payment. On this page you can also use the INVITE FRIENDS INVITE CODE through the menu to get an additional $ 0.30 every time there are people who register through your CODE.

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  1. makasih buat infonya, infonya sangat menarik,blognya sangat kreatif...
    kunjungan yang bermanfaat thank


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