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Stages in the Production Films

How does the process of making the film? These are the stages of manufacture:


Before making the film's story, we must specify the purpose of making films. Just as entertainment, lifting phenomenon, learning / education, documentary, or convey a certain moral message. It is very necessary in order that the film is more focused, targeted and appropriate. If the objectives have been determined then all the details of the story and filming will look and easier. If you need to hold the observation and collection of data and facts. Able to read a book, article, or to ask the source.The idea of ​​the film can be obtained from various sources, among others:

   1. Author's personal experience is horrendous.
   2. Conversations or activities of daily interest to be filmed.
   3. Folklore or fairy tale.
   4. Biography of a famous or meritorious.
   5. Adaptation of the story in comics, short stories, or novels.
   6. From the study of music, etc.

If the author is difficult to fabricate a story script, then it can take a story of short stories, novels or films that have been there to be another adaptation. After a manuscript prepared we need to hold Breakdown manuscript. Script breakdown done to study the details of the story to be made a movie.

Schedules or working schedule and details arranged in detail, when, who alone, the cost and what equipment is needed, where and the time limit. Includes shooting schedule too, scene and shot keberapa to be taken when and where and who the artist. Determine the location of the shooting schedule.Things that need to be considered when drafting the allocation of costs:

   1. Doubling the screenplay for the film crew and players.
   2. Provision of video tapes.
   3. Provision of a desired number of blank CDs.
   4. Provision of property, costume, make-up.
   5. Honor to players, consumption.
   6. Accommodation and transport.
   7. Renting equipment if not available.

Choosing and finding locations / settings according to shooting the script. For taking pictures in public places usually require a specific license. In hunting locations to consider the various risks such as accommodation, transportation, security during the shooting, the availability of electricity, etc.. Setting a predetermined scenario should really be feasible and not difficult at the time of production. If the production cost is small, then no need to place a distant and costly.

Choose and look for clothes that will be subject to the characters and their properties. Clothing can be obtained by bringing a special designer or simply buy or rent but tailored to the scenario stories. Completeness is the responsibility of the production team and artistic property.

To get the movie / video either complete the necessary equipment and qualified. Equipment required (in a minimalist film):

   1. Clipboard.
   2. Projector.
   3. The lamp.
   4. Cable Roll.
   5. TV Monitor.
   6. S-VHS video camera or Handycam.
   7. Ribbon / Tape.
   8. Clip-on wireless microphone.
   9. Camera Tripod.
   10. Tripod Lamp.

Choose and look for players who played in the film. Can be chosen directly or cast first. Casting can be widely published or sufficiently informed through peers only. Selection of players other than in terms of ability is also considered in terms of budget / finance owned.


Set construction is a backdrop buildings for the purpose of shooting. Settings are always shaped building decoration but rather emphasizes how to create an atmosphere of space to support and reinforce the background events that usher in an interesting storyline.

To produce a good sound it is necessary to the proper type and quality microphones. Mirofon types used is a portable, sensitive to sound source, and capable of reducing noise (noise) inside and outside the room.

Arrangement of light in the production of good films will determine whether or not keualitas film techniques. Such as photography, film can also be likened to painting by using light. If there is no light at all then the camera will not be able to record the object.Arrangement of light by using a video camera light enough attention to comparisons Hi (the brightest part of space) and shade (the darkest) in order not to be too high or so-called hight contrast. For example, if taking pictures with brighter backgrounds compared with artist who are doing the acting, we can use a reflector to add light.Reflector can be made using Styrofoam or aluminum foil taped to the cardboard or plywood, and its size adjusted to the needs.Please note the characteristics of lighting in relation to the camera used. Better camera in accordance with this guide suggested minimal lighting.

If you exceed the limits or enforced then the image will appear broken and terihat like dots of light that indicates under.Please note also of the standard lighting color film made called white balance. Called white balance because it is to find the standard white color inside or outside the room, because white light contains all the elements of color.

Clothes worn by the players adapted the story. Shooting can be done does not match the serial number of the scene, can jump from one scene to another. This is done so more easily, namely by taking the shot that occur at the same location. Therefore it becomes Need to identify the players wear. Do not let that happen sequentially scene experienced changes of clothes. To anticipate it before it starts shooting the players photographed with a digital camera or recorded in advance what to wear costumes. Hairdo, makeup, costumes and accessories worn can be seen in the images and useful for the next shot.

Makeup in film production based on the scenario. Not only the face but also on all limbs. Does not make for a more beautiful or handsome, but with more emphasis on the character. So element manipulation was instrumental in cosmetology techniques, tailored to how the effect when shooting with the camera. Making the old look, looks sick, looks bad / good, etc..


Simply put, the editing process is a tidy business and make a movie become more useful and pleasant to watch. In this activity, an editor will reconstruct the pieces of the pictures taken by a cameraman.
Task editor are as follows:

   1. Analysing the scenario with the director and cameraman on dramatinya construction.
   2. Do the shot selection of used (OK) and who did not (NG) according to the shooting report.
   3. Prepare drawings and material lists images that require sound effects.
   4. Consult with the director of the editing.
   5. Fully responsible for the safety of all image and sound material submitted to it for editing purposes.

After the movie was over produced the next activity is the screening of the film internally. Tool for screening of the film can vary, can use the VCD / DVD player with TV monitor, or with a PC (CD-ROM) that projected using an LCD (Computer Light Display). Internal playback is useful to review the results of editing. If you find that there are deficiencies or deviations from the scenario it can be readily repaired. However editors are people who definitely did not escape from negligence. Then the activity of this review is helpful to achieve the perfection of the end of a movie.

After the movie playback internally and the results have been considered attractive and in keeping with the scenario, then the films were evaluated together with a wider audience. This evaluation may involve:

   1. Cinematography experts.
   2. To peel the film from the aspects or elements dramatikalnya.
   3. Film Production Experts.
   4. To peel the film in terms of technique, good shots, angles, lighting techniques, etc..
   5. Expert Editing Film (Editor).
   6. To peel technique in terms of editing.
   7. Attendance / moviegoers.
   8. Viewers can usually be more critical than the experts or the film workers. This is because they peel from the point of view of a film connoisseur who may still lay in filmmaking.

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